Dr. Wang has helped problems such as myasthenia gravis, Guillian-Barre syndrome, herpes, stress, pain, skin conditions, digestive issues, and WHO and NIH-suggested acupuncture indications. Please see the full list. Continue reading

Infertility & IVF

With 30+ years experience, Dr. Wang developed a unique way of acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat infertility and support IVF therapy. He helped many skeptical patients get pregnant naturally, and even one patient at age 49. Continue reading

Complex Cases

In general practice, Dr. Wang helped many so-called “untreatable” diseases and conditions according to other medical specialists. That’s why many patients said that Dr. Wang has magic hands. The following are the examples of this type. Continue reading

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Patient Testimonials

M. – Brooklyn, NY,

I chose Dr Wang specifically b/c of his background of studying in China and being an actual doctor of Chinese Medicine. Plus he had a lot of Western credentials (teaching at Columbia U etc). I have a lot of weird random internal problems that are kind of complicated, so I wanted to make sure I got somebody who knew A LOT. Since none of my problems are remotely life threatening, this means that when I approach western MDs for help they look at me with a blank stare like “a) I know nothing about helping you with that” and b)you’re not gonna die so why do you even want to be treated for that?” Well I want to be treated for all these things because they make for a (much) less than ideal lifestyle. I know a decent amount about the theory of acupuncture and have always seen it as the answer to those non-life-threatening problems. Acupuncturists actually know how to balance those out of whack internal systems IMO (while western doctors don’t.)

So anyway, I’ve been seeing Dr Wang for a few months and he’s helped me A LOT. Some things you notice happening right while you’re lying on the table, other things have improved more gradually. He’s extremely effective but he doesn’t use a ton of needles – he says that real acupuncture is not a lot of needles everywhere but as few needles as possible. My friend who is going to acupuncture school told me that the sign of a true master is how few needles he uses – so I guess that’s a good sign that Dr Wang is a true master.

He gave me herbs as well a couple of times in the beginning, at extremely reasonable rates (his office rates are very reasonable as well, esp for a NYC acupuncturist at his level) And occasionally if I’m complaining about something going on with me that day, he’ll recommend I take a few of something I have in my cabinet from before, or maybe occasionally give me something new. But he by no means is an “herb pusher” trying to sell lots of herbs to rake in more $, which I’m always wary of. And his herbs really work! I mean, their effects are practically instantaneous.

Also, the building and office are beautiful and very clean.

John C. Morristown, NJ,

My family and I have seen Dr Wang many times over theory for about seven years or more. I did not have any experience with acupuncture before so I did not know what to expect. He exceeded whatever I could have expected. I have gone in with a migraine and been in a state of complete relaxation without any pain 30 minutes later. I have had allergy and sinus pain melt away. More complicated problems as well. It’s a bit of a second hand review but I remember a woman opening his front door and tearfully yelling that she was pregnant. Apparently had been trying for an extended period of time and was told that she could never get pregnant (by a family member!).

I have referred many patients to him and stand by my statement that he is both a caring and concerned man and doctor. I would see him first for anything I can think of.

Acupuncture Infertility,

I have been a patient of Dr. Wang for some time now. He is a genuinely caring person, which can be rare to find in the healthcare sector! I started to see Dr. Wang for infertility issues to booster my fertility treatments and to get me through the stress of this whole process. He has been a miracle worker for my stress levels and I usually end up in a deep sleep during the sessions. As with ivf, and any other fertility treatment, it takes different protocols. Dr. Wang changes up his protocols too and tries new things in order to get good results.


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