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All-experts question


1. If you mean pesticides, manufacturers are not supposed to put any chemicals on the Chinese herbs. If you mean the components of Chinese herbs, that will be complicated because each herb has its own main components which work for targeted problems. Also, in at least 90% of situations in Chinese Herbal medicine, groups of herbs are used instead of single herbs , and combined herbs’ functions are more complicated. Nowadays, we’re not 100% sure what is the main function in the formula. What we are sure about is that most cases of combinations of herbs are much better than single one.

2. For astragalus, so far what we found in it are: D-b asparagine, 2′ 4′-dihydroxy-5, 6-dimethoxyisoflavane, calycosin, formononenin, cycloastragenol, astagalosides, choline, betaine, kumatakenin, sucrose, glucoronic acid, b-sitosterol. But, this does not mean that any single component works only on its own. It may mean that they are all working together. More importantly, they are supposed to work together with other herbs in the formula purposely prescribed for the patient’s disease and condition.

3. To answer this question, you must understand why Asian people do that. In Asian countries, specifically in the ancient times, ginseng was very precious and expensive. To make sure no components decayed or were wasted, the ginseng was stored in containers of liquor. The people would drink the liquor and be able to eat the ginseng itself too. Of course, there are many other ways to take ginseng — steaming with water, drinking pure ginseng juice, taking ginseng powder separately.

4. That depends on what type of ginseng and the manufacturer. For wine and liquor manufacturers, sometimes they want to promote their products for health/wellbeing purposes, and they will put ginseng inside their wine or liquor. However, these products should be advised by Chinese herbologists. Otherwise, the product could backfire.

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