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Should women stay away from “cold” foods during their period?


Having a period is a normal physical phenomenon for women. For most women, they feel different before having their period, during their period and even after having their period. They experience fatigue, cramps, back aches, moodiness, etc. In TCM the explanation for these effects is that during menstruation the female body is in the weak stage. The body needs time to adjust and fix. Consuming cold food and beverages will make the female body weaker because the body needs energy to overcome the coldness in what they eat. Also, if the cold stays in the body for too long of a time, circulation could also slow down. If that happens, this will also affect blood flow in the uterine system and will make all the complaints mentioned earlier during menstruation worse. That is why it is not a good idea for women to consume cold food or drinks during their period. Instead, women should consume warm food and drinks during menstruation.

For some women, even if they pay attention to what they consume, they still can suffer from the symptoms mentioned earlier. That means their body cannot compensate enough by itself. At that point, TCM and acupuncture is necessary for help. TCM and acupuncture develop methods to help the body adjust. In turn, the body would feel better right away or sooner. It would feel better because TCM and acupuncture can warm up the body by promoting and balancing the internal organs’ functions, promote circulation, tonify blood and energy, and relieve pain.